Reformed Church and Congregation Home


Architects: Zoltán BERZSÁK, László NYIKOS, Katalin KONYHA, Franciska TÉZLI SZABÓ

Location: Csömör

Project year: 2014

To provide space for the growing community member the Reformed Church in Csömör tendered a limited design competition in 2014 for a new church and congregation home. The projected location was a field, close to the center, bordered by a railway line, industrial site and a cemetery. It was important during the design to create a rememberable townscape sign but also give sorrounding protection to the building complex. The notion of the outer and inner shaping was to connect to the reform and hungarian roots, traditions and redefine the concept of church. The building’s skin consist of white plasteres walls and dark slat that creates a contrast in the appearance referred to the reform ecclesology tradition. The sacred interior also contains reformed church traditions. As we reach the spritiual center of the church light filters through the coffered ceiling , at the table of God the ceiling opens up that allows for light to pour into space.