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Our office was found in 1993 intended to design in our way of thinking and methodology and contribute to the design of unique, high-standard bulidings, places, objects. Our thinking is determined by an effort to create bulindigs that affect positively their near and distant environment besides completely fulfilling the architectural program. They respond to the local environment, townscape and urban fabric characteristics as well as to the users’ cultural and social circumstances. At the  same time this kind of adjustment should be realized with outstanding quality and inventive work of art.

This is how we interpret organic architecture.

Being environmentally conscious today is not luxury, but the possibility of survival. That is the reason why we pay attention to get acquainted with and wisely use recycled and saveable energies.

At works connected to monuments our aim is to give a surplus to the buildings through architectural tools that will reveal the continuity of the conceit and quality of the extant heritage and the modern, contemporary approach beside preserving its value and respecting the past. We want our newly designed buildings to represent cultural values and tradition in a modern way.

Our work is team work so we could explore various aspects of one idea or plan. We make several sketches and models in our working process.

Architecture has been specialized by these days therefore we practice general-design with the network of expert consults such as structural, electrical, mechanical and electrical engineer, air conditional, heating, acoustic and fire protection specialist. ..etc.

We also deal with technical consultancy and exhibition architecture.

We particularly pay attention during the design to work out the details and the structural solutions. With two decades of experience in design we achieved significant numbers of realized buildings, awards and recognition. I recommend our selection of those works for your attention in our website. 


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Zoltán Berzsák
lead architect
managing director